Let’s Meet On A Cloud Of Freedom

The exhibition and the opening aperitif will take place on Thursday 27 May at 16:00 at Artphilein on the ground floor of Via Pelli 13, in Lugano, Switzerland.

Photo: Marc Volk


TELEPHONE was launched on April 10th 2021.

It is just like the kids’ game. A message is whispered from one person to another and changes as it is passed.

We whisper a message from art form to art form. A message could become a painting, then music, then poetry, then dance. We whisper each finished work of art to multiple artists so the game branches out exponentially…

Artists from 493 cities in 72 countries participated in this game.


Photo: Marc Volk

Abgefahren – The Car in Art

From May 7 to August 29, 2021, the Künstlerhaus Marktoberdorf presents the exhibition “Abgefahren – Das Auto in der Kunst“.

Curator: Maya Heckelmann, Marktoberdorf; Co-curator: Matthias Harder, Berlin.

Contemporary photography: Clara Bahlsen, Xiomara Bender, Beni Bischof, Daniela Comani, Michael Dressel, Stephan Erfurt, Aris Georgiou, Oliver Godow, Charles Johnstone, Martin Klimas, Jens Liebchen, Serge Marcel Martinot, Arwed Messmer, Ralf Meyer, Melina Papageorgiou, Philipp von Recklinghausen, Dieter Rehm, Christian Rothmann, Marc Volk, Maurice Weiss

Painting: Ludwig Arnold, Ernst Heckelmann, Sven Kroner, Martin Paulus

Maquettes BMW Art Cars: Sandro Chia, David Hockney, Jenny Holzer, Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol

Sculptural work: Dana Lürken

Video art: Sylvie Fleury

Photo: Marc Volk, Dirty Neighbors

On German and Mexican Photography

This is a joint seminar between AAVI (Mexico City) and IPS (Berlin). During a six week class we will present interesting photographic views from both countries. In each online session, the experienced artist and lecturers Beatriz Diaz and Marc Volk will present the work from a contemporary photographer from their home country in detail. After the presentation an open discussion will be held between all participants.

Also, students will be able to show a finished or in process body of work to receive well-founded critique.

This class will be taught in English. Since the number of participants from each country is limited to 6 persons, early registration is recommended.
The fee for the entire webinar is EUR 260,00.

Starting on: 10 February 2021

Photo: Marc Volk

Photo Scholarship 2020

The jury for the photo scholarship 2020, consisting of Dr Enno Kaufhold (chair), Barbara Esch Marowski, Jana Sophia Nolle and Marc Volk has decided on the scholarships for the photo scholarship of the Haus am Kleistpark 2020.

The duo Claudia Balsters/Hannah Goldstein will research Annedore Leber with “Dear Annedore” and question the role of women in the field of tension between autonomy and work, motherhood and political work with staged portraits.

Karina-Sirkku Kurz will explore the theme of “loneliness” in associative portraits and still lifes, documenting a phenomenon of social relevance.

Arwed Messmer will deal with one of Berlin’s most controversial transport projects after 1945 in his photographic-topographical investigation “Last Exit Sachsendamm”.


Photo: Arwed Messmer, from "Last Exit Sachsendamm"